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General Information

How to Get Involved

Let us know if you are interested in getting involved on a Board or Committee level, football snack bar, Senior day, player photography, game filming, co-host a dinner or breakfast on the deck, help with the player recognition evening, etc.  Please reach out to our Booster Vice President to get more information or get more involved.


Annual Recognition Event

An annual Recognition Event is hosted yearly in the first week of January. Every eligible team member is invited and will be hosted by Boosters. More details will be provided in September.


Club Water Polo

During the high school off-season (January-July) players are encouraged, but not required, to play club water polo. This is a private, non-school related club that uses Carlsbad’s pool and offers age group programs for ages 8-18. The club participates in leagues and tournaments locally and nationally.  There is a fee to participate in the club. For more information, visit the website.


Communication, Schedules, and Photos

All information throughout the season is posted on this site. Emails and Evites are sent out regularly, so make sure the Booster Club Secretary has your current email address. 


Corporate Matching Donations

CHS Boys Water Polo Booster is a nonprofit organization supporting the CHS Boys Water Polo program.  If your corporation matches, consider matching donations to the program. 


Field Trips and Transportation

Buses are provided for most league away games, however, car-pooling is necessary for all tournaments and some away games. Interested in driving additional players to one of these events? Complete the Field Trip by Private Vehicle form and return it to the CHS administrative office. (A new form must be submitted each school year.) Please note that the form does not include a name field, so add your name to the top!  In addition, to streamline processing, also include a copy of your insurance policy and driver’s license.

Buses will pick up and drop off in the green curb section under the CHS Markee by the front of the school entrance. Coach will communicate with teams if pick up location changes due to overcrowding with other sports.


Food for Tournaments and Games

Parents are responsible to send money or food with their son to all tournaments. It is not unusual for these tournaments to last the majority of the day. The boys get hungry! Traditionally, they go out together for lunch and/or dinner afterwards.  Remember, too, to always eat healthy, especially during game days. For ideas, read snack ideas,  meals for game days, and healthy eating practices.


Game Wear

Team members are expected to represent the team wearing the current season’s suit, athletic shirts and shorts. Optional Team Gear: Crest Caps, Visors, Beanies, Sweats, Pullovers and Polos are acceptable. Team polos or jerseys are worn by team members to school on game days.



Please take the time to read through the following information and bookmark pages, links, and get the CHS Athletics app for your phone!


Physical Exam/Athletic Eligibility

Each year, prior to playing water polo (including tryouts), all athletes must have a doctor complete the Physical Exam/Athletic Eligibility form and submit the completed form to


Player Support

Boosters exists to support the CHS Boys Water Polo program and athletes.  If financial assistance is needed, please contact Coach Rodman.


Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is optional, but HIGHLY recommended by the Coach.  S&C is really essential to player development, performance and injury prevention.  It is also great team bonding.

Sessions occur at the CHS weight training gym led by experienced CHS trainer coaches exclusively for CHS Boys Water Polo.

Please see the CHS boys water polo athletic page for training dates.

Boosters helps support and underwrite this program – but, there is a cost. There will be various payment options for the training.  Off season training is from November until May, with costs to be determined. (Freshmen are invited to join off-season training)

Game Time FAQ’s

Away Games
Players leave their polo bags behind the shed before school on an AWAY game day.

Your son has been pre-released as a team member to attend an AWAY game.  They do not go to the front desk for a pass nor do they go to the front desk to leave.  They should remind their teachers they have an early release and excuse themselves promptly at the appointed time – usually at 1:10 pm on game days to be at the pool by 1:15 pm. 

They go to directly to the pool, grab their bag and head to the parking lot for carpool assignment or to board the Bus.

Reminder that those parents/guardians who plan to drive their own kids or can drive others, must submit a complete FIELD TRIP FORM to the Athletic Director by the August 15 with proof of insurance and a cdl for each parent driving.

Drivers must arrive by 1:10pm and bring students back to the pool from the game. In some cases, a parent can prearrange with the team parent and coach to meet their student at the away game and them (that requires another FORM!).

Please make sure your son has water and is hydrating well. Team Water Bottles will supplement the water supply at every game.

Code of Conduct

Members of the Carlsbad HS Water Polo program have the highest expectations for behavior and discipline in and out of the pool. Participating in this program is a year-round endeavor and you are expected to represent the program to the utmost of your ability throughout your time as a member.

As every student and family is different, there will not be a minimum GPA requirement beyond the state requirement. However, we will have a weekly progress report that must be completed every Monday during the season by every teacher, and once per month outside of season. Our program has a history of churning out the best and brightest in the pool, but also in the classroom.

Any disrespect to teachers and/or failure to perform to your best in the classroom will be met with consequences up to and including suspension or removal from the program.

Players will not take advantage of their teammates or their position on the team for any inappropriate gain.

Players will respect themselves, the coaching staff, and each other at all times.

Drug and alcohol use is not permitted.

Tobacco use is not permitted.

Wherever you go on campus or off, you represent every single other member of this program, as well as the hundreds of members who came before you. You will respect this program or you will be asked to leave it.

Any bullying or hazing will be met with swift punishment, up to and including suspension or removal from the program.

Respect for our equipment and facilities should go without saying, but I will mention it here. Likewise for any off-campus events, and willful destruction of property or vandalism will be met with swift repercussions.

Players will arrive on time and ready to participate in all practices, games, meetings for their level. Any lateness or absence must be cleared with the coaching staff prior to the event.

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